Hi im Elysia and ily.

Hey im Elysia this is pretty basic, but this is my blog! -_- haha bye <3

Ask meh questions if you want!

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i think he might like me…but at the same time i honestly dont know. i hope he does he said for me to guess so i named all of these girls which only leads to me… ugh it says hes offline ill elt you guys know if its me!~ ;c


im really tired of everyone judging me. they dont even know me, just the face and the name. im tired of everyone judging me for who i am when they dont even really know me.</3


well tonight was okay, i went to skating and tim hortons. right now im currently out of touch with “him” and i  think ill be crazy to fall for him again… </3


i think he might like me back, when he comes back im going to ask him who do you like? i mean its not gonna be me but thats where it will look like i want him so i will have to kick in my jealousy plan! worth a shot… ill keep you guys psoted<33

Please dont tell me…

so i realize that im always gonna like him. i dont know how i should say it but im still sticking with my jelaousy plan certainly worked but now hes saying hes asking this other girl out. please dont tell me youre my heartbreaker </3 i will be forever alone i know hes the one but hes moved on i think… i fooled everyone like i was except myself. 


okay hey guys so theres this kid and i used to date him but we stoped dating for almost a month now…anyways so now he likes other girls and stuff… but last night i got him really jealous with my “word of advice” so he got mad and called me a whore said i was a lying smoker (i dont even smoke) and, then hes like ___ is hot. and the person was my old best friend which i already knew he liked her. but then theres another girl too…? he calls me the whore and hes the player im not a whore at all im single and i can do what i want! SO he is very being rude he also apoligized this morning but i did not forgive him and on his ask.fm it says he might date this other girl so i told him to date her even thou shes a bitch!!! ~anyways~ but no really a lot of people hate me… ill explain soon.

cute story ;c

  • Girl: do you think im pretty?
  • boy: not at all
  • girl: oh okay :(
  • girl: do you like me?
  • boy: no..
  • girl: im sad now!
  • boy: why?
  • girl: bc you dont think im pretty and you dont like me.
  • boy: your right i dont think your pretty your beautiful. no, i dont like you i love you<3
  • girl: i love you too.

apurplesparkysharpie said: I luv Nutella I want to eat it every morning, but I can't, cause we run out of it so fast. Do u to???

ahahhaha i love it too but nah i dont run out that FAST